• Vietnamese Sandwiches

    Our Vietnamese Sandwiches Menu: Vietnamese pork compo, Fried pork Loaf, Fried fish cake, Shredded pork skin, Sardines club, Pork meat ball, Chicken meat ball, Pork or belly stew. Stir fried beef spicy, Stir fried pork spicy, Stir fried shrimp spicy, grilled pork sub, Red char siu pork, Shredded chicken jambon, Beef stew Read More
  • Boba Tea

    Originally, Boba drinks were called tapioca milk tea (or tapioca tea latte) or pearl milk tea. When it was introduced in Hong Kong the locals called it Boba instead of Pearl because of it's shape. Boba literally means Big Pearls. Boba can be added to any drink: milk, tea, icy smoothies, juice and coffee. When Boba is added to tea, it adds a different texture to the creamy and smooth tea base. Boba is chewy, but softer, when combined with tea. It adds fun and twist to the drink. Read More
  • Today's Special

    We have a daily special each day from chicken and rice, turkey noodles, beef noodles and more. Check our daily special here on our website or our facebook page. Read More
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